How do I top-up my SeamPay wallet with a bank card?

Published on
February 28, 2023

You can top-up your SeamPay wallet with a bank card through the SeamPay app:

If you haven't added a bank card to your wallet;

  • Tap the Wallet icon in the menu bar
  • Tap Add new card below Bank cards
  • Add your correct card details including the 16/19-digit card number, expiry date, CVC code
  • Complete the verification instructions

If you've already added a bank card;

  • Tap the Home icon in the menu bar
  • Tap green "+" button
  • Tap the Debit Card option
  • Select the card you'll like to top-up with
  • Enter the amount you would like to top-up and if successful, your deposit will appear instantly in your SeamPay wallet

We advise using your own card to add money to your balance. If someone else would like to add money to your SeamPay wallet, they can send money to your wallet instantly via their SeamPay app.

NB: Only when you have completed KYC can you top up using a Debit card.

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