How do I create a fundraiser?

Published on
April 8, 2023

After opening the new SeamPay app, click on the Hub tab and then the Donations button. In the Donations screen, you can click on the option at the top for “Start a fundraiser”

Step 1 - Enter the name of the fundraising campaign, the amount, and the end date (up to 30 days). Note that Each fundraise can collect up to NGN100,000 in donations for the chosen cause and can stay live for a maximum of 30 days.

Step 2 - Assign your fundraising campaign to a category. Categories such as education, community, family support and health & medicine are available. In the text field below, you explain in a short description what you are collecting money for and why this purpose is important to you.

Step 3 - Stand out with a unique photo and show who or what you are collecting money for. The image you upload should be associated with the cause you are collecting money for and must comply with both the SeamPay Giving Network terms and conditions and the Acceptable Use conditions.

You can only have one running fundraiser at a time.

All images are automatically scanned and verified by SeamPay before being posted. SeamPay maintains the right to remove any fundraiser if it violates the above policies.

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