We’re sorry to see you go. To close your SeamPay account:

  • Tap the Home icon in the menu bar

  • Tap the Settings cog icon in the top right of the screen

  • Tap Close Account and follow the instructions

Before closing your account you should empty your balance and let any pending transactions finish. To empty a balance:

  • Tap the Wallet icon in the menu bar

  • Tap purple "-" button

  • Choose the bank account you want to send your money to

  • Make sure you're sending the full amount from your balance

  • Confirm the payment to empty the balance

Bear in mind that as a regulated financial institution, we’re required to store some of your personal data, so we can't remove all of your info from the system.

But we’ll delete information that’s no longer needed, and all data is protected by the highest levels of security.

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