There are a number of reasons why we might need to close your SeamPay account.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the specific reason why — it’s because of how we’re regulated. But we can choose to close an account if we think:

  • it’s a duplicate of another (you can only have one SeamPay account, unless we agree otherwise)

  • its security has been compromised

  • there are transactions on your account that we can’t complete

These are just examples, though.

Keep in mind, Customer Support doesn't have the ability to view the reasons your account was deactivated.

If you have remaining balances in your account, here's what happens next.

Remaining balances

If you still have money in your SeamPay balances when we close your account, we'll work on sending it back to your bank account. But first, we need to carry out due diligence checks. While we do that, your money and information will be safe and secure.

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