When we review documents, we look for certain pieces of information on them. Most times, this helps us confirm that the document you’ve sent us is authentic and valid. We’ll also make sure that the details printed on them match with your TransferWise account.

Here’s what we check for:

Expiry date and date of birth

When we verify your identity, we need to see when your driver’s licence, national ID card, or passport expires. And we use your date of birth to confirm that the ID really belongs to you. So if we can’t see these details, we’ll have to reject your document.

Tip: Often ID cards have some key bits of info printed on the back. So always make sure you send us both sides.

The spelling of your name

Because we’re a safe and regulated way to send money, we need to know your full legal name. And if your name on SeamPay and your document don’t match, we’ll need to ask you for more information.

Tip: Made a typo or signed up with a nickname? You can fix that in the Account tab in the app, or View personal profile on desktop.

The Machine Readable Zone

On documents like passport and ID cards, there’s a unique barcode called a Machine Readable Zone. We look for them because they confirm the document you’re uploading is authentic.

If this code is cut off, we’ll need to ask you for a new copy of your ID.

If you upload a driver’s licence or national ID card, we need to see what’s on the back

Most driver’s licences or ID cards have important information on the back. So we need to see that too.

If you haven’t uploaded the back of your ID, we’ll ask you to upload a copy of it.

Have you sent us a new document?

Usually, we need 1–2 working days to review new documents. But if you had to upload a lot of documents, it may take us a little longer. Keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll confirm that you’re verified by email.

When you’re verified, we’ll automatically resume any transfers you have going through. You don’t have to do anything.

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