Part of the verification process involves our team reviewing what’s printed on the documents. We do this to check that it’s really you sending, spending, or receiving money. But if we can’t read what’s on a document, we have to reject it.

When making a copy of a document, here’s what to check:


If it’s too bright, glare might make part of your document unreadable. This can be a problem with laminated passport photo pages or driving licences.

The camera frame

We need to see the whole document, as this helps us confirm its authenticity. So try to fit the whole document in the shot.

Blur and camera grain

If you’re on the move, your camera might not be able to focus on the details printed on your document. Try taking the photo with the document on a flat surface.

Tip: Be careful of zoom mode, or bad lighting. It can result in photos that are too grainy for us to read properly.

We can’t accept copies of photocopies

We need to be sure that you have the document you’re verifying your identity with. So it’s best to take a new photo when you’re going through verification.

Using a camera is better than a scanner

Many scanners aren’t great at scanning IDs and passports because they’re too thick and stop the lid from closing. So the resulting scans are close to unreadable. Again, it’s best to take a photo if you can.

Are you sending us the right documents?

If you need to verify your identity, we’ll ask for a copy of your driver’s licence, national ID card, or passport photo page. There are some exceptions, depending on where you’re sending from.

Tip: We can’t use selfies or bank cards to verify your identity. But sometimes we’ll ask you to take a photo of yourself holding your ID next to your face.

Have you sent us a new document?

Usually, we need 1–2 working days to review new documents. But if you had to upload a lot of documents, it may take us a little longer. Keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll confirm that you’re verified by email.

When you’re verified, we’ll automatically resume any transfers you have going through. You don’t have to do anything.

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