When you open a bank account, you usually need to take some ID into the bank branch. SeamPay is no different. We’re a financial institution, so we need to know who's using our service. It helps us combat money laundering, and keep everyone’s money safe.

What types of documents does SeamPay accept?

Everything on the document you share should match the information on your SeamPay account. Make sure the photo isn’t blurry or covered, so we can see all the info. If there's information on the back of your document, we'll need to see that, too.

A valid ID document can be:

  • International Passport (photo page only)

  • NIN - National Identity Number Slip (NIMC Slip)

  • Driver's Licence

  • Nigeria Temporary Voter's card

  • Nigeria Permanent Voter's card (PVC)

How long does verification take?

We'll start reviewing your documents once you upload them. From there we’ll work to get it done within 2–3 working days and let you know by email.

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